Unlocking the Magic Within the Ambassador Azshael Series

In his riveting Ambassador Azshael series, author Adam guides readers into a fantastical realm where angels, vampires, and sinister forces intersect. The sequel introduces Azshael, an outcast angel ensnared in mystery and intrigue amidst a tenuous peace and lurking dangers. This review delves into the writer’s background and the sequel’s most captivating qualities, making it a must-read for fantasy fans.

Angel Rising

Exploring the Author’s Journey

Before realizing his true calling as an author, Adam explored various vocations, including caring for animals at the London Zoo and teaching children horseback riding. These diverse life experiences have enriched his creative expression, resulting in multifaceted talents. Currently living outside London, Adam draws inspiration from his profound love of music and literature to inform his imaginative works.

Delving into the Sequel

The second installment in the Ambassador Azshael series immerses readers in a world where the angelic Judges and vampiric Succae have formed a fragile alliance. The story follows Azshael, an outcast angel, who embarks on a cosmic quest for answers after a young angel dies mysteriously. His discovery of the ancient White Rood artifact unravels sinister cults, reveals an Angel of Death, and exposes a malevolent deity bent on total domination. As a new dark era threatens both species, Azshael and his unusual companion Lytta race to uncover the truth and halt the looming catastrophe.

Themes and Highlights

The Ambassador Azshael series enthralls audiences by expertly fusing fantasy, adventure, and intrigue. Its narrative hinges on themes of honor, the struggle for power, and the consequences of impetuous choices. The saga’s richness stems from its multidimensional characters, each with unique motivations, attributes, and flaws. Their riveting exploits and bonds weave an intricate tale that completely engrosses readers as the characters evolve throughout their journey, forging an authentic connection.

Adam’s mastery as a worldbuilder is on full display in the series. He constructs a universe inhabited by supernatural entities like angels, vampires, and celestial beings, capturing readers’ imaginations. Vivid details bring locations to life, from the imposing White Citadel to the shadowy vampire warrens to an eerie abandoned palace. Azshael’s outsider perspective offers a refreshing vantage point as he grapples with identity in a world steeped in deceit.

Azshael’s odyssey transcends the physical realm, becoming a spiritual and emotional exploration that adds poignant depth. His experiences resonate widely, prompting reflection on personal growth, second chances, and ethical choices under duress. As the mystery unfolds, readers are drawn deeper into its web of secrets. The saga’s breakneck pace and masterful storytelling keep audiences rapt with suspense about the next revelation. The precarious balance between angels and vampires infuses the tale with thriller-like tension, blurring reality and fantasy.

The Mark of a Masterful Series

Adam’s Ambassador Azshael series demonstrates his gifts as both author and worldbuilder. The books captivate with their fusion of fantasy, action, and mystery while exploring meaningful themes of honor, ambition, and difficult decisions in times of uncertainty. Azshael’s unique vantage point, multidimensional characters, and labyrinthine narrative leave readers feverishly turning pages. This imaginative saga transports audiences into an extraordinary realm where angels clash with vampires, secrets intertwine with truth, and the quest for purpose and answers takes center stage.

The Storyteller’s Winding Path

Adam’s journey has followed a winding route before discovering his passion for fantasy fiction. His eclectic experiences – from nurturing animals to instructing children – have allowed him to draw from various wells of knowledge to enrich his creative vision. Currently residing in the English countryside outside London, Adam finds inspiration for his imaginative tales through his deep appreciation of music and literature. This diversity of pursuits has culminated in his gift for multidimensional storytelling and worldbuilding.

Constructing an Enthralling Cosmic Realm

In the Ambassador Azshael series, Adam meticulously constructs a spellbinding world that hybridizes sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal elements. The universe is inhabited by warring angelic and vampiric factions who have forged an uneasy peace. When the discovery of an ancient relic called the White Rood threatens to destroy this fragile truce, the exiled angel Azshael launches a perilous quest for the truth. Each locale Azshael visits oozes vivid atmosphere, from the ethereal White Citadel to subterranean vampire tunnels. The rich details and imaginative worldbuilding totally immerse readers in this commanding cosmic realm.

The Mark of an Unforgettable Hero

At the saga’s heart is its compelling protagonist, Azshael. Cast out from angelic society, Azshael provides an outsider’s perspective as he navigates a realm steeped in deception and danger. His search for belonging and identity resonates deeply, prompting introspection about self-discovery, redemption, and overcoming the past. Azshael’s spiritual dimension adds thoughtful depth to this multidimensional hero. As he contends with menacing cults, fallen angels, and his growing affection for his vampire ally Lytta, Azshael’s emotional journey evolves in tandem with his physical trials. His struggles forge an intimate bond between this wounded hero and readers.


With its masterful blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal tropes, the Ambassador Azshael series transports audiences into an imaginative realm that lingers in the mind. Azshael’s emotional quest for truth and meaning acts as the story’s beating heart. By uniting an expertly crafted world with a compelling hero, Adam has constructed a soaring cosmic saga that will leave fantasy fans spellbound. As Azshael unravels sinister secrets threatening cosmic stability, readers will find themselves urgently turning pages until his journey’s breathtaking conclusion.

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