Get more Instagram followers 5 tips to grow your audience

Want to get more Instagram followers but don’t know where to start? You can boost your Instagram followers by buying or promoting posts these tactics are temporary and can backfire over time.

Instagram has become the leading social network for sharing photos and videos with over 2 billion active users. Therefore, marketing on Instagram to a large following can increase the awareness and visibility of companies that want to reach their target audience. Here are a few strategies to get more Instagram followers without breaking the bank. No matter whether it’s about increasing your Instagram likes or publishing quality photos, these tips are also effective.

Keep a consistent content calendar

Momentum account on Instagram. In other words, you probably won’t get any Instagram followers if you post randomly.

Creating content and delivering value creates an audience. If you do this consistently, you can keep them. Don’t let cobwebs pile up on your Instagram account.

Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a regular release schedule. If you want to know when and how much to post, you don’t have to stick to a set number. Most brands post daily or almost daily. This also follows our post-frequency research.

For comparison, here’s a list of the best times to post on Instagram. The “optimal” time during the week is morning or late morning and early afternoon.

Curate your profile grid

Most of your Instagram followers follow you not because of what you have posted in the past, but because of the promise of what you will post in the future. Your audience wants to know what they get when they click the follow button.

A channel with a consistent publishing schedule and theme can have the same impact on your followers’ growth as most of the other growth strategies we discussed above. Even a simple trick can attract new followers and it can communicate at a glance to everyone who comes right to your profile.

Think of your bio and last nine posts as your first impression on Instagram. Do they effectively convey a degree of consistency through personality, filters, colors, or author layout? Does the clickable link take people to the same homepage each week, or do you link to fun and engaging content? The grid layout is an often overlooked way to get creative with your channel’s aesthetic while adding speed and consistency to your messaging strategy.

Many accounts that have taken this approach can often put less effort into content creation by focusing on converting visitors into followers, creating text images or other content with faster processing, and optimizing the overall output of Instagram content.

Use keywords to appear in searches

Before people can follow you on Instagram, they need to find you. But not all Instagram texts are searchable. Only two fields on Instagram affect search results: name and username.

Your username is your Instagram ID. It should match the name you use on other social networks as this also makes it easier for others to find you. Use your trademarked name or a variation of your name that others might use when researching your trademark.

Your name can contain up to 30 characters. You don’t want to use keywords, but entering the most relevant keyword in the name field can help make your search easier.

For example, travel writer Claudia Laroye (@itsclaudiatravels) places the hashtag ‘travel writer’ on Instagram on her behalf. It is now more likely to be found by people searching for travel content or authors.

Use a consistent, platform-specific brand voice.

Photos and videos may be the most important part of your Instagram posts, but captions, comments, and other text should never follow them. If you’re building an Instagram brand or have more than one Instagram manager, think about developing a consistent message that humanizes your brand. Show potential followers that you are trustworthy and reliable, not formal or intimidating.

When developing your voice, keep the platform and audience in mind. For example, many of the top Instagram influencers and accounts have a very relaxed voice and style, yet maintain their professionalism and brand image. Once you’ve muted your voice, make sure it’s consistent and natural in your captions, comments, messages, and biography, as in this example from the Barbie movie.

Analyze High-performing Content

When it comes to tracking your brand’s Instagram performance, reach is one of the most important metrics to consider. Reach shows how many unique accounts saw your post and how much exposure and value you gain as a result. If a post gets more (or less) attention than usual, you can use these results as information for future posts.

Which hashtags did you use? Is your CTA (call-to-action) optimized for engagement? Do you post regularly when you engaged an audience? Was there anything else like shared images? 

One of the easiest ways to track reach and all other metrics is to use Later’s Instagram Analytics analytics tools. Provides a visual overview of how your posts, stories, and roles are performing in an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

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