The Most Common Use of Tempered Glass

Give time to look around from car windows to shower areas, glass doors, glass separation
walls, hard counter table tops, dining table tops, mobile, pc or laptop screens, the glass used on
the edge of a railing stair holding glass cases to many industry and building glass uses they all
used tempered glass for their specific purposes. Now why this tempered glass is so much
common and in demand nowadays is due to their common uses that we will discuss in the

Doors and Separation Walls

When we visit offices, hospitals, hotels, and even in many houses a glass door is as
common as any furniture. These glasses need to be hard and strong to bear any scratches, blows,
pressure, and even hard and changing temperatures. For that very reason, tempered glass
is to be used. This common need for a transparent wall that would help illuminate the room by
letting enough light pass through but at the same time be durable and temperature
resistant makes tempered glass be used that commonly.

Shops and Stores

It may seem that tempered glass is like ordinary glass that will break and shatter in
pieces if a stone or hammer is used on it. But you will be surprised to know breaking tempered
glass using even a hard and heavy hammer or a big rod of steel will take the intruders on
average 2 hours of time and even more. This is due to the property of tempered glass to
spread all the impact evenly and not make any big cracks on it. Shops and stores that require
their products to be displayed for customers use these tempered glasses most commonly for
these reasons. The glass is as transparent and illuminating as other glass but is 4 to 8 times
stronger than other glass. Tempered glass can without a doubt be used as protection for the
displayed product.

Table Tops

Some areas require the table tops to be strong and enduring so that when hard and
heavy objects are placed on top of them they can evenly endure that tension. The most
common use of a tempered glass table top is for this purpose. When counters at hotels, offices,
hospitals, and other reception areas require many passes by on them a tempered frosted glass is
most commonly in use due to its scratch enduring property. Dining tables commonly use
tempered glass table tops because many plates and utensils are dragged on top of them
requiring the glass table top to be tempered.

Colored Glass

Many options like the tinted glass use the tempered glass to add your selected shade on
top of it. This is most commonly used for the reason that the tempered glass can sustain its
shades for a very long time even in hard places.

Railings and Staircases

The most modern and common use of tempered glass is in the railing area where a
little support and a more open view are required to reduce the suffocation in the environment
created by overly crowded areas like shopping malls and the roof extensions also use tempered
the glass covering at the railing side. Also in crowded areas like malls, markets, buildings, and a lot
of times in houses the stair supports cases commonly use tempered glass.


Many houses in certain societies commonly use tempered glass balconies that are
frosted or tinted with different shades according to their requirements because this gives a more
neat and bright look to the house even from the exterior.


Tempered glass is the most commonly used glass in the modern world. The reason for
this is the easy-to-access and easy-to-use ability. Common usage of tempered glass is in
frequent temperature-changing areas where the glass door, glass separations, glass table tops,
glass railings, and the building window glass. Also when buyers require their glass to be more
hard and durable to be able to endure all the heavy shifting and replacement processes a
tempered glass is most efficiently used. Do you have a problem with your glass table top,
glass doors, or any other glass furniture? By getting cracks easily, all you can do is try using a
tempered glass instead.

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